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Pindi Said Pur is village and model union council of  District Jhelum in the Punjab Province of Pakistan.  It is the part of the Tehsil Pind Dadan Khan.

The inhabitants of the town mainly belongs to

  • Bhatti
  • Jandran
  • Awan
  • Arain (Malyar)
  • Mahajar
  •  Tarkhan (Khokhar)
  • Kumhar
  • Muslim Sheikh
  • Mochi
  • Poli
  • Nai
  • Mashki clans

Nearby Cities and Towns

West :Sherpur,Chak Jani and Daulatpur
North: Nathial,Chakri,Gahora and Thil 
East  :Dhok Hashimapur,Piranwala,Pir Chak,Kharidpur,Pipli and Ratwal
South:Sagharpur,Bhabanwala,Khiwianwala,Saiyidanwala and Abdullahpur

Nearby Airports

Kind                  City                     Distance  

Heli                              Gurha Salim          17 nm N

Medium                        Mangla                 27 nm N

Large                            Islamabad             28 nm W

Small                             Gujrat                  28 nm E

Small                             Sialkot                 43 nm E

Large                             Islamabad            64 nm N

Major floods

The biggest flood in Pindi Said Pur came in 1992.



Auto Rickshaws are very popular mode of transport for short routes within the city. Many of the new rickshaws in the city use Compressed natural gas (CNG) instead of the petrol engines as CNG is environmentally clean and cheaper compared to petrol.


There is a regular bus/Hiace service available running from early hours of the morning to late night. Daily routes includes Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore, Gujrat, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Mandi Bahauddin, Sargodha, Chakwal, Karachi, Kharian and Faisalabad.

 Regular Bus/Van service is also available with in Jhelum District, It include some of the important towns and villages such as: Buses from Pindi Said Pur to Pind Dadan Khan (Chak Shadi, Daulatpur, Dharyala Jalap, Haranpur and Lilla),  Pindi Said Pur to Jhelum (Jalal Pur Sharif, Darapur, Sanghoi,)  and many other destinations as well.


The nearest airport is the Islamabad International Airport, which is approximately 160 km by Motherway and G.T Road. A small airport called Mangla Airport, located near Dina, is in use of the aviation wing of the Pakistan Army.  


The PTCL provides the main network of landline telephone with minority shares of few other operators like WorldCall. All major mobile phone companies operating in Pakistan provide service in Pindi Said Pur.Internet facility is also available in this village.


Jhelum has a fairly well-developed educational infrastructure. The overall literacy rate for Pindi Said Pur
 is 89 percent, somewhat a higher literacy in District Jhelum (60 Percent).

School and Colleges

1. One Government High School (Boys & Girls)
2. Three English Medium Private High School.
3. Two Elementary Colleges for women
4. One Q.M.A. Jinnah College of commerce.

Health Facility 

1. Small health center.

Notable people

People with origins in Pindi Said Pur are listed below:

1. Mr. Mirza Mahmood Jhelmi, Ex-Chairman of Union  Council Pindi Said Pur
2.  Pir Syed Aqeel Haider Zia, Ex-Nazim of Union Council Pindi Said Pur and Ex-Naib Nazim Distt.Jhelum.
3.  Mr. Muhammad Asraf  Jandran, Ex-Nazim of Union Council Pindi Said Pur.
4.   Mr. Muhammad Aslam Marth, Ex-Niab Nazim of Tehsil Pind Dadan Khan and Union Council Pindi Said Pur.  
5. Mr. Muhammad Aslam Khokhar, Ex-Naib Nazim of Union Council Pindi Said Pur.
6. Mr. Manzoor Ahmed Bhatti, Senior Bureaucrat of Government of Pakistan.
7. Mr. Muhammad Zaman Arain (Judge), Ex-Member of Union Council Pindi Said Pur.
8. Mr. Muhammad Afzal   Arain , Ex-Member of Union Council Pindi Said Pur.
09. Mr. Muhammad Arshad Awan, Ex-Member of Union Council Pindi Said Pur.
10. Ch. Mahmood Bhatti, Ex-Member of Union Council Pindi Said Pur.
11. Mr. Muhammad Asghar Jandran, Ex-Member of Union Council Pindi Said Pur.
12. Mr.Lal Din Bhatti, Ex-Member of Union Council Pindi Said Pur.
13. Mr. Malik Muhammad Wali, Senior Head Master of Government High School Pindi Said Pur.
14. Mr. Muhammad Ashraf Bhatti, Ex-Senior Teacher of Government High School Pindi Said Pur.